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Thanks for checking for latest releases of ClockWatch Enterprise.  This page shows the latest version of the software available.  Please check it often. Registered users are notified of updates via e-mail.

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Version 1.0.0, Released June '01

Initial release


Version 1.0.1, Released September  '01

Features introduced:

  • Control unit now can run as NT Service


Version 1.0.2, Released November  '01

Features introduced:

  • Added Wake-On-LAN capability
  • Power-down option for remote shutdown added
  • Windows XP compliant


Version 1.0.3, Released February  '02

  • Add active networking capability


Version 1.0.4, Released April  '02

  • Fixed problem in installer which didn't correctly detect Win 95SR2.1 or Win 98SE and then offered to install the Service on those 2 O/Ss.
  • Changed service registration sequence - added Service option tab
  • Made changes to write time check and time set actions to event log.


Version 1.0.5, Released June  '02

  • Added Event logging.
  • Fixed problem with registering Enterprise Service after the installation


Version 1.0.6, Released April  '03

  • Replaced service control used to run as NT service
  • Changed time setting resolution to milliseconds.
  • Changed Timeset function to first do a time check in the polling mode.
  • Fixed memory leak issue when running as service.

Version 1.1.0, Released January  '04

Version 1.2.0, Released January  '05


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