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Troubleshooting ClockWatch Client/Server
Tips on how to troubleshoot ClockWatch Client/Server

Troubleshooting Topics
1.  Client/Server Communication Problems

1.  Client/Server Communication Problems

‘Address in Use’ or ‘Can’t Reset Server’ Error Messages

  • This is usually due to the TCP port that the Client Server communication normally uses being used by another application. ClockWatch uses port 1001 for Client Server communication. If another application is using this port, then ClockWatch is unable open it and complains.   The address can be changed on both the Client and the Server.

   Clients get “Exceeds license” message

  • ClockWatch Server must be licensed for each ClockWatch Client in use. Contact Beagle Software to purchase additional licenses or to obtain an evaluation license for multiple clients.

   Clients Fail to Contact Server

  • Check the address specified on the timeserver tab of the Client (run ipconfig from the DOS command line on the Server to determine the Server’s IP address).  Check that the port and the protocol are the same on both the Server and Client.

  • Check the communication (ping from the Client to the Server using the address).

  • Check that the port is available for use (run netstat –a from the DOS command line on both client and server for a listing of TCP and UDP ports currently in use).

   Non ClockWatch Clients fail to connect to ClockWatch Server

  • Check the license of the Server.

  • Check that the port and protocol are the same on both the client and server. Note that ClockWatch uses the nonstandard TCP port number 1001 as a default port to communicate with its clients. You normally change the port number in the “Timeserver” option tab on the ClockWatch Client and the “Clients” option tab on ClockWatch Server.

   Clients fail to Connect when I press the “Set Time” button

  • The socket connection used to communicate with the Server and a specific client remains open for approximately 2 minutes after the client makes a time request.  This is a Windows operational setting and individual clients must wait at least 2 minutes between successive time setting requests.

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